‘Going Down With the Ship’. Post scriptum.

There are several books  relating to our environmental crisis that I have read; and some that I cannot bear to read.

‘Wilding ‘ by Isabella Tree brought great hope and solace to me,especially because I learned about the reintroduction of critically endangered turtle doves into the Knepp estate.

‘The Garden Jungle’, ‘Or Gardening to Save the Planet’, by Prof.Dave Goulson, also brought a means of being proactive on an individual scale by encouraging the  re-wilding  my garden, which I have done.

I recently met and spoke to Matt ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’ Haig at a Green Party gathering in Brighton, and he said that we must’nt sink into despair about the climate emergency, but ‘do our bit’ and be as positive and proactive as possible.  Certainly, one gains a little bit more control by rewilding a green space, and enjoying seeing an insect-dense environment emerging.

I have just installed a wooden insect bee house in my garden. It’s a very pretty object, and smells of cedarwood.

‘The Uninhabitable Earth’, by David Wallace Wells, has been required reading, and it is an absolutely terrifying view of the future.

Other books that I may one day read are: ‘Losing Earth: the Decade we Could’ve Stopped Global Warming’ by Nathaniel Rich,which  is regarded as significant as Silent Spring was in 1962.

But I am not emotionally strong enough to read it yet. ‘On Fire’, by Naomi Klein, and ‘There is No Planet B‘ by Mike Berners Lee are both on my reading list as well.

Meanwhile, I try not to despair too much, and hope against hope that more action is taken to save our  precious, exquisite planet in the coming years.

But  I am not optimistic.





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