‘Diana Athill and ‘Sprout’. A Friendship.

I did write back to dear Diana, but, this time, I didn’t receive a reply.

I knew that she had moved from her flat into a marvellous ‘care’ home for elderly, literate women.  Perhaps my cards and letters didn’t reach her. I wish I had persisted, but my news at the time wasn’t very cheerful.  I was very involved then in caring for my beloved husband, who was very ill, and finally died in 2010.

I also continued to care for my mother, who died in 2017, aged ninety-nine.

I have read all the obituaries to Diana, and learned even more about her and her life.

It is a little poignant for me that she died on January 23 rd  – my mother’s birthday.

Because, in a way, Diana was my ‘writing’ mother.  I regard her as a role model, an inspiration and an example that it is never too late to have a successful writing career, and that gaps in one’s writing life are inevitable when ordinary demands, such as work, childcare and family matters take over.

Diana – for your kindness and encouragement to me over a lifetime – I salute you!



One thought on “‘Diana Athill and ‘Sprout’. A Friendship.”

  1. Thank you for such a heartfelt memoir and tribute to one of the great originals!
    Your ability to recall such precise details over a lifetime is wonderful.
    We may not choose our parents but we can our mentors and Diana has been a deep and subtle influence on you. Like her perhaps the best is yet to come forth!

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