‘Diana Athill and ‘The Sprout’. A Friendship.

I continued to have a few poems published in Twentieth Century magazine, and thought, mistakenly, that I might have enough poems to be able to publish a pamphlet, or a small collection. I’d also given a couple of poetry readings.

I decided I’d approach the only publisher I knew: Andre Deutsch.

As a result, I wrote to Diana to see if they would consider reading my current crop of poems. She kindly replied to me on September 14th, 1971:

‘Thank you for letting me know about your poems. I would indeed by very glad to read them’

But I never sent them to her.

I had started travelling and in 1973 my son, Alex,  was born. I was too busy living , working and trying to survive.  I still wrote poetry, but it was to be many decades before I came into  contact with Diana again.

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