‘A Walking Shadow’, p.17

January  and February 1971 were  busy months for all of us  at  Danbury Road. I was still working on the final volume (4) of a series of school books for CUP and  wrapping things up; I’d also received a rejection slip from Adrian Henri, the editor of  Poetry Review; a dear, warm lovable man, whom I’d met and liked. A  bon viveur, who was kind enough to tell me that he ‘liked my poems very much’.

Meanwhile, I was ‘out and about’ a great deal, and seeing George, Jonathan and Alan from time to time.

On January 8th, Jonathan stayed the night with me, raising my hopes once again that we could be a couple ; but I had to suffer instead  the noise made by him and Snoo, as they stayed up until 2pm shooting pellets from an airgun into a rubbish bin in the kitchen.

I’d even bump into friends and acquaintances on the tube: Francis Huxley ( at Baker Street), and Peter Geach ( my lecturer in Logic at B’ham) and his wife, G.E.M. Anscombe ( at Piccadilly Circus).

On January 14th, I went to a painting class,  at Hammersmith College of Art, given by Ruskin Spear. True to form, he told anecdotes about Frank Brangwyn, and art generally; and recommended the Morandi exhibition at the Royal Academy, which Spear considered to be ‘good, capable stuff’. It was an envigorating evening; and my drawings were reasonably  good.

Jonathan was busy ( among many other projects) preparing ‘An Evening of Poetry, at the Kings Head Theatre Club, with the poets Alan Brownjohn, George, and Anthony Thwaite, which he was to introduce. This took place on February 15th, 1971.



One thought on “‘A Walking Shadow’, p.17”

  1. Am I the Alan here? Good company, anyway. Don’t mind being named in full! But it’s “bon vivant”: the French only use “bon viveur” because we Brits keep using it, illiterate (but influential) as we are.

    I’m so depressed by Jo Cox’s death, and all the other bad things going on….

    More soon. xxxx

    Will try to cheer up, promise.


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