‘A Walking Shadow’, p. 16

We all moved into our cramped little flat in Danbury Road at the end of November, 1970,and stayed there for six months until April, 1971. It was a  chic little place, with leather armchairs, fitted carpets, with stripped pine doors and central heating. The rent was high; and Snoo absolutely hated the place.

However, it was here that he and Ann fell in love, and became a couple. It was also a place for our mutual friends to congregate over the large, wooden kitchen table.  Snoo was away a lot with ‘Portable Theatre’, and Ann’s work took her to Manchester and other places.

We had a lot of  visitors. Vic Sage, Lorna’s husband, came to stay; Jonathan was a frequent visitor; George would drop by; and my dear friend from Birmingham days, Alan Munton, would call in.

On January 1st, 1971, I wrote:

‘Jonathan called round tonight. He looked well, but was obviously depressed. We went to a Greek restaurant in Soho, where we had excellent mousaka. We didn’t make love later, but were tender with one another. We had a good drink and some laughter’.

Later, I wrote: ‘Snoo has gone to Southampton to watch his play,’Charles the Martyr’, to see how it fares in the NUS play stakes’. Hope that it goes well for him.

Also, ‘Alan (Munton) phoned last night – while Jonathan was here – to say that he had been accepted at Cambridge for a Phd. thesis; and that Anthony Thwaite had accepted a review by him for the  New Statesman – next week. That’s very exciting. I told him he’d get it. Lovely news’.

Dear Alan – a loyal and great friend to me –  and a thread throughout  my life from Birmingham days in 1964  – through the ’70s – and until now.  I was to spend quite a lot of time with him this year – 1971 – and  onwards.






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